Thermal Camera Breakout

Posted by anna on March 9, 2022

For those who need to perform thermal imaging, the Adafruit MLX90640 Thermal Camera Breakout is the ideal choice. This tiny device features an array of 768 individual infrared temperature readings. This breakout is easy to integrate and compact, with a wide-angle field-of-view of 110deg by 70deg. It also features a narrower-angle 55deg by 35deg view.

The module's design allows for communication through an I2C interface and easy connection to a main module. It also contains a built-in 3.3V voltage regulator and is ideal for a range of projects. The chip also supports 5V and 3V inputs. This Arduino-compatible board has a lot of fun and flexibility. Using it will make you a more advanced maker in no time.

You can even use this module with your own projects - just add your own sensors! The module has a built-in sensor, so you can easily monitor temperature and humidity. It also comes with a USB connector. You can use the cable to connect your device to your PC or to your mobile phone. It has a USB-C adapter for power, and a 3.3V regulator for communication. This module is a good choice for anyone who is looking for a low-cost yet highly-functional Arduino-compatible board.

When it comes to connecting your modules, you can easily connect them through Qwiic / STEMMA QT connectors. You can easily connect the board to your main module without the need to solder anything. These connectors also have a 3.3V voltage regulator so you can operate them with three or five-volt batteries. You can use the Adafruit 4469 as a prototyping tool for creating fun and useful electronic circuits.

The module has a Qwiic/STEMMA QT connector and is designed for use with 3V or 5V. It uses a 3.3V voltage regulator. When used with three-volt or five-volt batteries, it can be controlled from a USB port. This board can be a great tool for any budding electronics engineer! They will not only build cool projects, but help you learn new skills and find a hobby you love.

The Qwiic / STEMMA QT connector allows for communication via I2C. It is also easy to connect to the main module. The module has a 3.3V voltage regulator and can be powered with three or five-volt batteries. It is a good choice for beginners and for those who want to build cool circuits with a lot of functionality! The Adafruit 4469 is an affordable and versatile tool that is perfect for a variety of projects.

Adafruit AMG8833 Grid-EYE Breakout

The Adafruit AMG8833 Grid-EYE Breakout is a pixel-perfect 8x8 array of infrared (IR) thermal sensors. It returns 64 individual readings of infrared temperature. Its compact design makes it easy to integrate into projects. It can measure temperatures from 0°C to 80°C and 32°F to 176°F with an accuracy of +/- 2.5°C.

The Adafruit AMG8833 Grid-EYE Breakout is a 8x8 IR thermal sensor with a sensitivity of 0.01% °C to 0.2°C. The sensor can measure up to 64 infrared temperature readings. Its compact design makes it easy to integrate. The sensor measures up to 8 degrees and returns each one to an array of 64 readings.

The Adafruit AMG8833 Grid-EYE Breakout is a 16x16 IR thermal sensor array that connects to a Raspberry Pi or other microcontroller. It returns 64 separate infrared temperature readings. It is easy to integrate with Arduino compatible projects and Raspberry Pi with Python. It can also measure humidity and detect human heat. In addition, it can detect a human at seven meters and operates at a frame rate of 10Hz.

The Adafruit AMG8833 Grid-EYE Breakout is an 8x8 IR thermal sensor board that can be used with the Arduino or other derivative boards. The AMG8833 is a temperature sensor board that can detect human presence and can detect a human from a distance of 7 meters. This sensor is easy to use and is powered from a Raspberry Pi with 3V to 5V.

The Adafruit AMG8833 Grid-EYE Breakout is a 8x8 thermocouple array that connects to a Raspberry Pi and Arduino compatible boards. It measures temperature with a precision of +/-2.5 degrees C, and can detect a human up to seven meters away. It can operate at a 10Hz frame rate. In addition, it can also be used in robotics and other applications that require high-speed computing.

The Adafruit AMG8833 Grid-EYE Breakout is an 8x8 IR temperature sensor. It connects to a Raspberry Pi or other microcontroller. It provides 64 infrared temperature readings at a time, and it can detect a human from seven meters away. In addition, the Adafruit module can be used on a Raspberry Pi with Python. The IR thermal sensors can be configured to measure a human's body temperature.

This breakout board contains an 8x8 array of IR thermal sensors. This breakout board supports 3.3V and is easy to integrate. It features a configurable interrupt pin to detect when a pixel has crossed its threshold. It can also interface with I2C. The Adafruit AMG8833 comes with a 3.3V regulator and level shifting. This allows users to monitor a particular object with a microcontroller, a camera, or a dimmer.

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